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The idea is simple...

You choose the stories, we'll get them made.
It all depends on the level of interest, the more interest the more chance there is the story will be made AND fast......take the Global for me™ button and put it on your sites, pull in your networks...its up to YOU. If you want a story, spread the word.

We'll pay the reporters the standard industry rates...according the UK's National Union of Journalists - check them here - we've been paying them for years, they know and trust GRN

In the initial phases GRN wants the stories out there, to show YOU how good this service can be, so we'll pay, but we still need the interest...what we said above applies....take the button (in the box on the right) and please spread the word.

Don't PAY till you hear from us - write comments, vote with interest then later, when we e-mail you, go back into the page and hit PAY.......thank you...

What are you paying for?


You can make a pay anything from 1.50 GBP to be part of a story or up to 500 GBP to be the sole commissioner of the story - subject to agreement with GRN on usage and rights .

Let us know what you want and we'll arrange it...we'll try and make it as quickly as possible, but can't guarantee delivery, till we know there is enough interest....that's why we wouldn't suggest payment till you hear back from us. Just let us know you are interested....

Use our PayPal account or contact us for other payment methords

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